The Truck is Coming Together…

That’s right…the truck is coming together and we are so excited to get this show on the road. The truck is 100% finished from a construction standpoint and now it is time to get started on wrapping the truck.

As you know BBQ To The Rescue is all about helping our communities here in the Palm Harbor, Largo, and New Port Richey. We wanted a way to give back to the same communities who have supported us over the years. The BBQ To The Rescue Truck was our way of getting out into the community and supporting those very same people.

We appreciate your support and excitement as we push forward with this special project! We chatted with the ‘Follow The Truck’ team last week and we were able to sneak some pictures to share with you you all! Here is just a peak of what the graphics will look like…


We love that Sonny’s logo with the PitMasters Brand and the flames…reminds me of that smell of BBQ when you walk into one of our restaurants! YUM! And now for a few pictures of the truck!

photo 1 photo 2

Look at that awesome grill located in the back of the truck with the drop down sides we created for ease in serving!

Stay tuned and we will keep sharing our progress! We love you all and look forward to seeing you soon!