Sherri Strazz Pirate Party

We shared an inspiring story with you in our blog back on August 1, 2014…if you missed it, you can check it out

Since then we had the opportunity to partner with a few other great folks who are working to make a difference in Sherri Strazz’s fight for cancer. We hooked up with a bunch of Pirates…and we do mean a bunch, to help put a smile on Sherri’s face. On Saturday, September 6th we all met in Dunedin at Blur Nightclub for a little Pirate Partying!

BBQ to the Rescue donated the food, Blur Nightclub the venue and Southern Train the music! A good time was had by all…and we have to say that Sherri was the most beautiful Pirate Wench there!

IMG_0705 IMG_0680 IMG_0671 IMG_0669 IMG_0658 10690041_1467440046864870_5323430011550698193_n 10686979_1467440100198198_5101661759044095178_n 10685413_1467439806864894_7368532294247054541_n 10665234_1467440026864872_4754187696359992809_n 10649945_1467439936864881_7239550042523811047_n 10646752_1467439606864914_8293455368150350140_n 10635909_1467440126864862_1228970573542500894_n 10629846_1467439586864916_7866538018678686374_n 10615628_1467439960198212_4997633146176569564_n 10574277_1467439823531559_1969158169127695466_n 10450685_1467439756864899_1164966681330526308_n 10411084_1467439880198220_2082325023657229791_n 1601011_1467440090198199_2835876530775061289_n 1601011_1467439663531575_9029521680985191081_n 1520756_1467439896864885_5043625083288014539_n 1383407_1467440006864874_8482223084050038014_n 12518_1467440063531535_376742060840474017_n