Donation Guidelines

If you know someone who is in need of financial assistance we would like to hear from you. As much as we would like to help everyone, our goal is to help as many as our financial resources will allow. While we may be limited by those financial resources we will do our best to assist our community.

Please take a minute to review our guidelines before submitting your request:

  • Recipient must live within 3-miles one of the three communities, as our goal is to help those in our direct area: Palm Harbor, Largo, and New Port Richey, Florida.
  • BBQ to the RESCUE will help those in need of financial assistance due to health issues, accidents, or loss of life. Here are a few examples:
  1. Health Issue: Adult or child has a major health issue that has put their family in hardship or surgery / healthcare is needed.
  2. Accident: Adult or child has been in an accident of any sort that has caused financial hardship.
  3. Loss of Life: To support family especially for Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Teachers, and other community members, where a financial need is present.

There are many reasons that cause financial hardship upon a family. Our goal is to help support the members of our community where we can make the most difference.

If you would like to submit a request for review, please click on our CONTACT US page and complete the form. We appreciate your support!