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BBQ To The Rescue Supports Local Cancer Fundraiser!

Sherri Strazz and her husband Robert love life and she is fighting this battle in the same fashion!

Sherri Strazz and her husband Robert love life and she is fighting this battle in the same fashion!

BBQ To The Rescue was created for this very purpose…to help those in our community in need. We recently heard of a local woman fighting for her life. Sherri Strazz is a commercial realtor here in our community. What started out as  pulled muscle in her leg area turned out to be a cancerous tumor the size of a football. She recently underwent a 9-hour surgery to remove the mass and has a long road of recovery and treatment ahead of her.

To help Sherri communicate and keep her mind active through this process her friends created a Team Sherri Strazz Facebook page where she communicates with her friends, family, and even people she has never met who come out and support her with encouragement likes and positive thoughts. We have seen what a community of support can do for someone who is battling cancer like Sherri and we wanted to help.

When we were contacted by Team Sherri we immediately knew that this was the passion behind our cause…helping Sherri and her family in a time when they need to focus on getting her better. So her Team has created a Pirate ExtravaganzaEvent for her and BBQ To The Rescue will be there helping support her cause! We’re told that Sherri loves anything Pirate and Gasperilla is her favorite time here in Tampa Bay.

Folks, let’s take a minute to follow her on Facebook at: Show her our Sonny’s Love and let her know your fighting with her!

BBQ hugs to you Sherri Strazz and we will be seeing you on the Pirate Ship in September!

Studio 10 Shares the Sonny’s BBQ Random Acts of BBQ

Sonny’s BBQ Franchise Owner Edward Titen Shares his Random Acts of BBQ Passion.

This morning the team took the BBQ To The Rescue Truck over to Channel 10 News in St. Petersburg for a live food segment on Studio 10 to show case the Sonny’s BBQ Random Acts of BBQ!

Take a look at some of our pictures and watch our segment here!

Sonny's BBQ Random Acts of BBQ


Enjoy some shots of our morning!


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So It Begins…

BBQ To The Rescue is starting to take shape. It is exciting to watch this not for profit unfold right before our eyes. The passion behind the cause is creating energy and action.

cropped-FA_BBQ_2_Rescue_Logo1.pngSo as we finish up our logos, build our web page, social media pages and all those pieces that spread the word about our cause…we want to thank you – our community for giving us the opportunity to be able to do this special project.

We hope that you will stay connected with us and help us spread the word. Our blog is called, ‘Follow The Truck’ and we encourage you to ‘Follow The Truck!’ We will keep you posted about where we are, what we are doing, and if you could helps us share this awesome charity it would be most appreciated!