On Monday 9/11, as Hurricane Irma passed Palm Harbor our Sonny’s BBQ To The Rescue team delivered for free, 406 hand- made hot and juicy BBQ sandwiches to the fine men and women at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

With no place open to eat it was going to be a long hard day for our police officers, so we did what we could to make their day a bit easier.

We love and respect our men and women in blue, as they are always there when you need them most, so this was our opportunity to say thanks and lend them some help,

Our sandwich team was not our normal staff so I would like to thank Andy and Gail Titen, Jack Yongue, Dr. Bruce and Inez Levin, Vincent and Aaron Santamarina, Cindy Hayden, David Nail, Lisa Titen and my daughter Elana Titen for being such giving people during this most difficult time.

Sincerely, Edward Titen a Sonny’s Franchise Owner



Random Acts of BBQ is how Sonny’s BBQ To The Rescue shows community workers, supporters, and first responders that we appreciate them! So we hit the road several times a month to share some “BBQ Love” with them. Here are just a few of the places we have visited…

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How We Got Started…

Sonny’s BBQ Franchise owner, along with the creative input from his management team created BBQ to the RESCUE. They wanted a way to give back to the three communities where their restaurants are located: Palm Harbor, Largo, and New Port Richey, Florida. Supporting those very same people who have helped support their restaurants over the years was their way of showing that support.

BBQ to the RESCUE, Inc. is a not for profit organization that takes the need of its communities very seriously. So in January 2014 the Sonny’s Team set out to build the ultimate smoker on a truck. Their goal was to seek out those in need of a helping hand; to help improve the quality of life for those less fortunate. The BBQ to the Rescue Catering Truck will be serving the needs of the community.

The Sonny’s Management Team and Team Members of all three stores will help support this mission with the catering truck, food, and their time – 100% of the profits made on the catering truck for each event will go toward that specific cause.


We love these smiles! Thank you to our amazing staff who help make all these Random Acts of BBQ happen. Without them, we couldn’t help all the people we do!


We encourage you to follow the catering truck and come out and support your community when in need. Remember all profits go to the cause…we donate the catering truck, food, and our time!